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from Automotive Assistance to Personal Mobility

One of Europe's leading provider of roadside assistance, IMA guarantees the comfort and continued mobility of its customers through a comprehensive range of services including roadside assistance, towing, provision of temporary accommodation, onward travel, medical assistance and accident management services...

IMA is a pioneer in the field of "intelligent vehicle" services such as embedded telematics and GPS enabled assistance (eCall, bCall, cCall), remote breakdown diagnostics, remote technical support for repair shops and remote vehicle surveillance and tracking. IMA also offers repair follow-up, invoice checking and renegotiation services.

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from In-home Care to Assisted Living

Whether people are living alone or in a family, daily life at home can be disrupted by an accident-related injury, a sudden illness or death.
IMA helps people face the consequences of such situations, offering support whether they are alone or with their family, and providing advice and information.

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from Medical Repatriation to International Relocation

People travel more and more everywhere in the world and medical assistance is the cornerstone of numerous agreements. As an international leader, IMA has established a worldwide medical network impressive in both its scale and professionalism. IMA is able to respond quickly and appropriately to all your needs in case of minor difficulties or major problems.

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from Emergency Repairs to Home Services

IMA's attractive and truly innovative offer encompasses every type of situation, from accident-related emergency interventions to repairing damaged goods, to providing support for remodelling projects.

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